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The core ingredient in our energy gels are chia seeds. This all-natural seed provides the ideal daily amount of Essential Amino Acids. In a nutshell, the minimal fiber content and carbohydrate absorption in your body reduce or remove all together that sugar spike and give a steady release of energy so you can go longer and further. Traditional energy gels flood the body with unnatural sugars that create that "bonk" effect.



When we exert ourselves exercising, our bodies lose a great deal of sodium—also known as that great all-natural element called salt! In order to sustain our energy levels, we replace what is lost with electrolytes. In the good ol' days, a bottle of sports drink did the trick. Endurance athletes then shifted to using an easier version of a sports drink—energy gels. We use sea salt in our energy gels that provide sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium—in an all-natural way. 



The simplest of citrus fruits provide us with the best all-natural ingredient to reduce physiological stress and physical fatigue. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits and other many members of the citrus family are used in our energy gel formulation to ensure the ingredients used are benefiting athletes in more ways than just prolonging performance—but happiness and tasting great, too!



Upset tummies are the biggest plague for runners and endurance athletes during competition. Maltodextrin is an unnatural ingredient commonly used in most energy gels on the market today. We found an all-natural way to remove it so that athletes can rely on making it to the finish line—with a smile on their face. Using all-natural sugars found in sugar cane and brown rice, the glucose to fructose ratio is naturally increases the carbohydrate absorption rate. In short, Hüma energy gels work faster and won't upset your tummy!



Hüma energy gels are the best tasting all-natural energy gels in the world. In fact, most athletes will report back that they didn't think it was really an energy gel. We picked out and tested the favorite fruits and combined them with other essential all-natural ingredients so that athletes would love the gel. Compared most to a fruit purè or jam, they taste great not only during exercise but on a warm piece of toast! 



By adding a little bit more water, the thickness of the gel is reduced quite a bit, making it easier to enjoy an energy gel while running, biking, hiking or any adventure your two feet are taking you out on. Increasing the water content also helps to give our gels a smooth consistency and helps to prevent dehydration.

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