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Premium Nutrition for Premium Events
Thanks for being interested in having Huma Gel at your event! We love finding partners who want premium nutrition to help give their athletes a premium race experience.
Overview of Huma Gel
Started in 2012 in Nashville, we're a veteran-owned small business that produces premium, all-natural nutrition products for endurance athletes.
What is the Huma Sponsorship Program?
A comprehensive approach to supporting our race partners:
  • Pre-Race: Free Samples via email campaigns to give your athletes the opportunity to try the products you're providing on the course
  • During-Race: premium natural nutrition products to help you give your athletes the best race experience possible
  • Post-Race: premium natural products designed for post-race recovery, and a special post-race email campaign with discounts so you can give your athletes a chance to stock up
So who is a good fit?
    • Type of Event: Premium endurance events which are looking to purchase product at cost (Please note: we do not provide free product to events).
    • Event Size: 200 unit minimum purchase
    • Event Marketing/PR: events with an email list and willingness to promote Huma Gel through it

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