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MAP - Amazon Policy

Huma Products Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) & Amazon/Online Policies

Huma Products LLC (HPL) has worked hard to ensure that all authorized dealers provide consumers of Huma Gel with the advice, service, knowledge, and support necessary to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction we have developed. HPL has concluded that certain types of advertising can affect our goodwill and is damaging to the standards and reputation that HPL products have achieved. Therefore, HPL has a Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) policy.


  1. To ensure that our dealer-product relationships are consistent and value based.
  2. To maintain the proper positioning of Huma Gel in the marketplace.

The MAP Policy: Dealers may advertise HPL products at or above the minimum advertised price. The MAP is 12% below MSRP. For purposes of the MAP Policy “advertising” means any advertising through authorized media. Authorized media consists of billboards, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, direct mail, retail flyers, television, radio, e-commerce, forums and dealer internet sites or any other method which uses the hypertext transfer protocol (“http”) or any internal link to a web based shopping cart is considered advertising for the purposes of this policy.

Advertising at prices more than 12% below the MSRP violates the MAP Policy. Any price with a “strike through” treatment is not considered a proper display of the MAP or higher price. Any advertised price, discounts such as coupons, or free accessories resulting in an effective advertised price for HPL products at less than the MAP will constitute a violation of the MAP Policy. A Dealer who advertises bundles of products, which include HPL products, must advertise the price or value of the HPL products at or above the MAP. For example, the advertised bundle should say “includes HPL product, which has a suggested retail price of $XX.00 (or higher)”. The MAP Policy applies only to the dealer’s advertised prices, not selling prices. Dealers are free to sell Huma Gel at whatever price they choose. HPL will monitor compliance with this policy. HPL may, at its own discretion, stop supplying products to any Dealer found to be in violation of the MAP Policy. Questions about whether a planned advertisement complies with this policy should be directed to Huma Products LLC (, 615-852-8238) for guidance.

Exceptions to MAP:

  1. HPL products deemed Discontinued or Closeout do not need to adhere to MAP.
  2. Exclusive / Member Only Sites must have written consent by HPL Management for Pricing Terms.

The Amazon/Online Policy: Due to consistent violations of Huma Product’s MAP Policy, dealers, retailers, and or wholesalers may not list any Huma products on Amazon or any other multi vendor entity i.e. Amazon,, ebay. By purchasing Huma products, dealers agree to this policy. Any violation of Huma Product’s Amazon policy will result in an immediate, and possibly permanent, suspension of the ability to purchase Huma products at Wholesale rates.

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