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Getting high on El Cap!

Getting high on El Cap!

January 05, 2018

Josie McKee is a professional athlete and climber. This photo depicts her passion and ultimate joy for being on the mountain. On this day, on El Cap, Josie was accompanied by photographer Steven Herbert ( Josie had invited Steven to climb with her on this day and trying to match the skills of a pro climber, he found himself beginning to bonk. Josie, being the consummate ambassador, whipped out a apple cinnamon Hüma Gel.

Here's her side of the story:

"Funny story: he got totally worked going up, was bonking pretty hard and not feeling up for eating any of the cheese/crackers and other snacks I had brought. I told him I'd give him one of my Huma gels - those photos were actually of me pulling out the Huma gel to give to him and making fun of him for being out of shape! But it worked! He was able to finish out the day and ascend several hundred feet of ropes back out to the top of El Cap after eating the Huma gel."

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