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Energy Gel NO Caffeine Mix

Energy Gel NO Caffeine Mix

Energy Gel NO Caffeine Mix

The world may be hyper-caffeinated, but your gels don't need to be. All of these great-tasting Hüma flavors are caffeine-free. 100% all-natural and the best-tasting energy gels on the market—what are you waiting for?

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Each box will have a mix of the following flavors*:

  • Hüma PLUS (double electrolytes): 
    · Berries & Pomegranate
    · Blackberry Banana

  • Hüma Original:
    · Strawberries
    · Mangoes
    · Blueberry
    · Apple Cinnamon

*flavors based upon availability

    With a simple vision inspired by the Tarahumara Indian tribe—Hüma energy gels combine 100% all-natural ingredients and are made with ingredients you can pronounce—making Hüma the best tasting energy gels on the market. Finally say goodbye to those upset tummy aches!

    Directions: 1 Packet 15 minutes prior to exercise. 1 Packet every 30-45 minutes during exercise. Always consume with water.



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