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Glucose Liquid Gel - 15g Fast-Acting Glucose

Glucose Liquid Gel - 15g Fast-Acting Glucose

Glucose Gel

15g Fast-Acting Glucose to Raise Low Blood Sugar 

For Diabetics or anyone with low blood sugar.


Product Description

  • 15 GRAMS OF FAST-ACTING GLUCOSE - Quick and easy oral glucose gel when you need it. Gel is easier than liquids, faster than gummies.
  • NO FRUCTOSE OR SUCROSE - The body’s preferred source of fuel is glucose. Fructose must be first processed by the liver before it can affect blood sugar levels. For diabetics looking for an immediate and controlled method of raising blood sugar, research indicates glucose is the best option.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - We hate seeing long ingredient lists full of stuff we can't pronounce. These gels only contains 5 ingredients, total: Glucose, Water, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, and Natural Flavor.
  • EASY & PRECISE DOSE - Each pouch contains 15g of glucose. Fix low blood sugar when you need it. Easy to carry, easy to swallow, easy to dose, easy on your taste buds, and easy on your stomach!
  • MADE IN THE USA - American small business and veteran owned.



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