Why Runners Are Ditching Their Favorite Energy Gels For This 100% All Natural Gel…

James William

Nov. 30, 2021

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There’s almost no better feeling than going out for a nice long run. Whether you're training for future races or doing it just for fun and exercise, it’s always a rewarding experience.

However, running for long distances will always cause you to steadily lose energy, aka Bonking. That’s why most runners turn to energy gels to help quickly extend their energy and enhance their body’s performance.

But the problem is, most runners are familiar with the common issues that energy gels have…

The Problem With Most Energy Gels…  

One of the biggest problems with a lot of energy gels is that they all use synthetic ingredients…

Which not only is it really bad for your long-term health but has been also known to cause problems such as…

Various stomach complications such as cramps, bloating, or even nausea and diarrhea.

They also usually have a very noticeable artificial taste that doesn’t taste good at all. And are densely concentrated making them miserable to ingest.

Most gels also have a “gloopy” texture, making them extremely difficult to swallow.

Thankfully there are a number of ingredients that when properly paired can give you the energy and nutrition you need without all of the common problems above.

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What To Look For In An Energy Gel

All-natural real-food ingredients with none of the stomach issues

Chia Seeds

The all-natural seed provides the ideal amount of Essential Amino Acids to make your body release a steady flow of energy so you can run longer and further while avoiding a crash.

Chia seeds are considered a "superfood" for 3 reasons: lots of soluble fiber, lots of omega-3 fatty acids, and a small amount of complete protein.

For endurance sports, the soluble fiber and complete protein are game-changers helping to make sure you don't get a sugar spike/flash crash, which is one of the banes of endurance running.

Sea Salt

When you exercise hard and sweat, your body loses a ton of electrolytes, aka sodium (aka salt!) in the process. That’s why sea salt is a crucial ingredient to have in an energy gel so that you can quickly refill your body's energy levels.

Citric Acid

The simplest of citrus fruits can provide the best all-natural ingredients to reduce physiological stress and physical fatigue.

Brown Rice Syrup + Cane Sugar 

Simple carbs that are easily digested and sent into the bloodstream are the “magic sauce” of energy gels. Scientific studies indicate a very specific 2-to-1 ratio of glucose-to-fructose maximizes your carbohydrate absorption, making it ideal for keeping you fueled during endurance events.

Huma uses Brown Rice Syrup + Cane Sugar as the perfect all-natural ingredients to achieve this special ratio.

Extra Water

By adding a little bit more water, the thickness of the gel is reduced, making it much easier and more enjoyable to consume, plus helps to eliminate those pesky stomach problems.

Before a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find an energy gel that contained all these amazing ingredients, but now…

Runners have discovered an all-natural energy gel that contains all of these great ingredients called “Huma”.

It’s been quickly gaining traction since 2012 and is now considered…

The Best Selling Natural Energy Gel On The Market

All-Natural Ingredients

Fruit Puree. Chia Seeds (powdered). Brown Rice Syrup. You don't need a Ph.D. to pronounce the ingredients in Hüma products.

They Actually Taste Good

No, really. They're the best-tasting energy gels on the market. Made with fruit and other real-food sources of healthy carbs, electrolytes, and protein amino acids.

Inspired By Tradition

We started with the ancient fuel of the Tarahumara Indians, ultra-marathoners, and combined it with advanced sports nutrition research to bring you Hüma Gel. Long-lasting energy release with optimal glucose to fructose ratio.

Happy Stomachs - No Bad "Runs"

Give your stomach something it can easily process and watch your stomach problems disappear! Kiss maltodextrin goodbye.

Designed To Fuel
Without Flaw

Huma has none of these typical problems that most energy gels have because it’s made from 100% natural ingredients and was inspired by the Tarahumara, a tribe of Mexican Indians who have been using some version of this special formula for over 1,000 years. If it’s lasted that long for them, there must be something to it, right?!

Huma’s energy gels are simply amazing at promoting a healthy lifestyle while providing essential nutrients to help runners better endure whatever comes their way.

They’re even Gluten-free and vegan friendly!

What's not to love? 

Try them out yourself today to taste and feel the difference Huma’s energy gels provide on your journeys.

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What Huma Beings Are Saying

Great for marathon training (with a sensitive stomach)

While training for my fourth marathon, I all of a sudden had really bad stomach issues during my long runs. I was eating GU, just like the previous times (and had no issues during previous marathon training). A blog I read highly recommended the huma gels so I tried. I have truly converted! This taste SOOOOOO much better and more natural than the GU gels. The strawberry lemonade is kind of tangy and a little more watery than GU so it's possible to eat it during a long run WITHOUT water which is a game changer. It didn't aggravate my stomach at all which really helped my long runs. I ran with three during the marathon and they really helped keep me energetic. Definitely definitely recommend this.

  •  Linh A. | 
  • Verified Buyer

I highly recommend HUMA Energy Gel

This gel is all natural and tastes great (I prefer the flavors that don't have additional caffeine). I use it for a slightly different purpose. I typically run early in the morning on an empty stomach. On weekends, if I don't get up early enough or if I had only a small meal the night before, I eat one of these gel packs 15-30 minutes before running. I can definitely notice the boost in energy if I eat a gel pack relative to running on a completely empty stomach. The reason that I don't eat before running is that I often get cramps if I eat and then run. The gels give me energy and no cramps. My son, who runs distance events in track in high school, also started to use these gel packs. He takes them only if there's a long break between events or an unforeseen delay (otherwise, he eats a meal before the meet). He also noticed a boost in energy. So, now I have to buy more gel packs...

  • S. Steele | 
  • Verified Buyer

Huma+ Changed my mind

The Huma+ gel is one of the best products I've worked with. As a coach and an athlete I need a product I can trust and recommend to clients. Having tried everything on the market with varying success left me feeling like there had to be something better. After finding this product and trying it during multiple bike rides and 20+ mile runs, I can attest to it's viability as a 5 star product. The taste is not harsh or fake. The texture is perfect, not too thin and watery or too thick. Using these gels below freezing was a gift as they keep a uniform consistency and don't turn to sap even when they're kept in the back of our truck!

I'm a fan for Huma and what they're doing to create a natural gel that empowers athletes to do more

  • Katie Whidden | 
  • Verified Buyer

Sustained Energy and Easy On The Stomach

I use Huma for running and cycling. For longer workouts especially greater distances, I always have 2-3 with me. I have tried other more "known" gels and they either upset my stomach or give me the side stitch. Huma gel is nice and thick and easy to eat, always with water. The energy is sustained and when I'm running the longer distances and follow what is recommended, energy is never a problem. Same holds true on the bike. They have a nice product for recovery too, which I've had good luck with.

  •  W. M. Elliott | 
  • Verified Buyer

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