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ma Gel Ambassador Application

While we would love to sponsor the thousands of interested applicants, our ambassador budget will only allow a handpicked number from those that have requested. Note, you don’t have to be an elite or pro athlete. We are specifically looking for people who love Hüma and love telling other people about Hüma.

Before submitting your Application, please be aware that you will be required to abide by the following for the term of your sponsorship (term is defined by annual season e.g. thru 2019):

Athlete updates: Tell us what you’ve been up to!

  • Via your social platform, post about Hüma (1 to 2 posts per month) post to your audience why you enjoy and use Hüma
  • If you race, race with Hüma and send us pictures as we’ll cross promote via our weekly ambassador highlight post
  • If living a healthy lifestyle is your gig and you use Hüma, tell others     how you implement Hüma into your lifestyle
  • We have a private Facebook group for which you can meet other ambassadors and keep us updated with regular content and post about events and races in your area

Individual Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:

We offer NO monetary (Cash) sponsorships: If you are seeking monetary support, DO NOT submit an application. If your application is accepted, it will be for varying levels of product discounts.

Conflicting Sponsorship: We require that you do not have a concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement or fueling company that offers gels while being a Hüma ambassador.

Please note that sponsorship is only available to United States residents. If you're located internationally please contact our nearest international distributor for sponsorship.

Tell us how you discovered Hüma? Which are your favorite flavors?

Do you have a favorite local retailer that carries Hüma?

What is your athletic endeavor(s) of choice?

What is/are your sporting career highlights?

Have you purchased from our website or Amazon (

     Have you written a review on our Amazon page?

     Leave an Amazon product review here: Huma Plus

     Please copy and paste a link to the Amazon review.

Have you "liked/followed" us on Facebook? Instagram?

Follow Hüma on Instagram: @humagel.




 Address 2:



 Zip code:

 Date of birth:

 Signature: ______________________________Date:______________


Selections will be made with an announcement for those selected the first week of January 2019. Email completed application to