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What I Ate Saturday After a Long Run

What I Ate Saturday After a Long Run

May 17, 2017


May 17, 2017 by Sarah S 6 Comments

Good morning!

Happy Wednesday, my foodies! These eats are from Saturday, my last long(er) run before the marathon (12 miles). It’s funny when I call this a long run because compared to the middle of marathon training when I was doing 18-22, this seemed like nothing. Perspective is a crazy idea.

I like showing a weekend day of eats because they’re usually more sporadic, rather than packed and planned out for the week. Since I’m eating at home, I’m thinking more on my feet.

I woke up early and had some coffee with a Gu Stroop Waffle dipped in peanut butter for my pre run meal. These waffles are amazing – they taste like dessert but are perfect for pre (or post) run since they are mostly carbohydrates + sodium. They are delicious dipped in coffee also. I also had some of my sunflower chickpea bars that I made earlier in the week.

I came home a sweaty mess and hungry. I took one Huma gel during my run, so was craving some more water and cold food. I love smoothie bowls after my long runs, and this one had to be made and eaten in a rush before my 11am client. I used Vega One protein, frozen bluebs, frozen bananas, Fairlife milk, greek yogurt and topped with more bluebs, chia seeds, and sunbutter bars. I also packed an apple and larabar for the car.

After my client, I stopped by the grocery store so I could come home and test a recipe I’m hoping to share in the upcoming weeks! Before recipe testing (food makes me hungry), I made a grilled cheese to cure the craving I was having. I used Dave’s Killer Bread, and a few slices of cheese, added some kale, peppers and tomato slices. And some avocado too! Paired with some blood orange and more kale.

I also just wanted to hang out with Tater. It was gorgeous, so we went for a long walk and played outside.

For a snack later, I had some Vanilla Stonyfat Whole Milk Greek Yogurt topped with some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dry cereal and a scoop of peanut butter (that looks hidden).

I polished off the last of my leftover tofu (this recipe) over some quinoa and kale for dinner out on the back deck. Tater watched. This peanut sauce is to.die.for. I am so obsessed and could just eat the sauce as is. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Hot last bit of my nail polish, huh?

The weather has been so gorgeous, so I have just wanted to be outside on the deck. This perfect weather only lasts a short while, and then it gets unbearably hot here.

Then, Saturday night concluded with some Bloodline and leftover double chocolate cookies.

And that’s a wrap!

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Favorite portable snack? Mine would have to be fruit and pumpkin seeds! Although I carry a jar of peanut butter, so that counts too, right?

How do you like your grilled cheese? Super cheesy!

Author: Sarah Schlichter

A Registered Dietitian, runner, healthy recipe creator and author of the Bucket List Tummy blog ( I love to talk about nutrition and eating ENOUGH. I'm a big fan of listening to your body and eating all the foods. Life is too short to not enjoy what you eat - while meeting your health goals too!